Pig Roast

What we aim to do

First and foremost we keep our customers happy. You tell us what you want.

We can supply a wide range of roasts including, lamb, sirloin of beef, chickens, Turkeys and of course pigs. We also offer a wide range of barbecue meats, fish and vegetables, with various marinades if required. We are backed by a team of friendly, helpful staff. As well as the meaty bits we can also add a selection of salads, potatoes and desserts. If you need nibbles beforehand, we can provide appetising ideas. The choice is yours when you use our services.

The sizzle

For those who have eaten spit roasted pig, well, you will need no convincing. For those who have so far missed out. Where have you been? The meat is so succulent, mouth watering, juicy and absolutely full of flavour. In fact no meat will taste better.

Whether you go plain and simple or add other dishes we will make it a success.


How many people will a pig feed?

Basically leave it up to us, once you confirm the number of guests. The amount of pig required will depend on the style, whether in a roll, or with vegetables or salad. The more people, then just more pigs !

  • A 40kg (90lb) hog, feeds up to 100 people
  • A 50kg (110lb) hog, feeds 125-150 people
  • A 60kg (135lb) hog, feeds 150-200 people